PR Planning


It all starts with a story...

At the heart of every compelling press campaign is a story; it’s our job to discover yours. What is it about you, your product, your business that piques curiosity? What are your positive messages? We work with you to craft these, giving your brand, business or event a unique voice. We will work out the best journalists or publications to tell your story to, and the most appropriate methods of engaging those people to share with the right audience.

We can collaborate with you to create a plan for a single campaign, project or event – as well as providing ongoing support and expertise. Our services include:

  • Defining your key messages. What do you want to tell people, what do you want them to remember?

  • Defining your PR goals and objectives, setting KPIs to make sure they are achieved. 

  • Understanding and finding your audience. Who are your trying to reach and what would you like them to do?

  • Creating a press calendar; helping you to spec out your ey press angles for the year?

  • Measurement; how to measure and understand all that you're doing

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