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Getting it done...

Here at Crystlsd, we have a combined 43 years of experience in PR; so, we’ve got you covered. We understand that time is a precious thing, and sometimes there isn’t enough of it to truly dedicate to implementing your PR Plan. Sometimes, you might need the full whack: defining your stories; media targeting and liaison; press release and editorial writing, distribution, monitoring and evaluation. Other times, you might just need a helping hand to deliver your plan in-house.

We can take on some (or all) of the day-to-day PR tasks you have:

  • Defining your stories; pulling out the unique elements of your business or organisation that make people pay attention, creating the stories that help you stand out and connect with your audience
  • Identifying target media, both online and offline, utilising our 'black book of contacts and tapping into our excellent media relationships to make sure your story gets in front of the right person at the right publication and thus, the right audience
  • Ongoing media liaison; targeted distribution of press materials, follow up calls and meetings 
  • Press release and editorial writing
  • Arranging press events, press calls, photo opportunities, one-to-one interviews with journalists and bloggers
  • Managing broadcast events, including TV and radio interviews
  • Monitoring and evaluation of all PR camapaigns we manage

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