Here's To The Next Six

This week, Crystallised turns six! We thought this was the perfect opportunity to look back at the past six years, and forward to the next six.

What has been one of your favourite moments during your time working for Crystallised?

Lauren:Working on Cake Fest with Middlesbrough Council, as part of the reopening of Middlesbrough Town Hall. It was great to see the community come together to celebrate the region by recreating their favourite Teesside landmarks out of cake! Over fifty cakes were created and placed onto an edible map of the region, and the day finished with a brass band performance and a generous slice of cake for everybody in attendance. 

Hannah: While I have only recently joined Crystallised, what has struck me most is the camaraderie and general energy of the team. We have open discussion, share ideas and work hard together.

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned at Crystallised?

Lauren: That quality should always come before quantity. At Crystallised, we believe that it’s much better to have a smaller group of engaged people, who genuinely care about what you have to say, than it is to have a large but disinterested audience. Find your people, put across your point, engage them, and the returns are immeasurable. 

Hannah: “Use the deadline.” Don’t rush to finish the work as quickly as possible, instead take the time you’ve been given to ensure you do it to the highest standard.

What are you most proud of during your time with the company?

Lauren: Developing our influencer marketing plans, encouraging our clients to budget for this kind of work, and making connections with local and regional influencers. We have worked with influencers on family friendly festivals and outdoor performances, local exhibitions and much more. Recently, an influencer we’ve worked with on multiple campaigns told me that she wished more agencies worked to our standard. Maintaining great relationships with influencers is very important to me and to the company, so it was great to hear we’re doing something right. 

Hannah: I’m proud to have started on a high, pitching for new business and delivering bids on exciting and creative tenders. 

Is there anything you would have done differently? 

Lauren: Take more chances! The team recently attended a talk by Sam Conniff, author of Be More Pirate, who inspired us to take more risks and push the boundaries a little. After working at Crystallised for over a year now, I feel confident enough in my role to start taking chances – so watch this space. 

Hannah: I would like to make more time for research, but other than that I’m good!

Where would you like to see both yourself and the business in the next six weeks, months and years?  

Lauren: For myself, in the next six weeks I’ll be setting into my role as Account Manager. In the next six months I’ll be celebrating my 24th birthday with plenty of cocktails with friends, and in the next six years – who knows! I can’t imagine living anywhere other than Newcastle, and I’d love to develop my career, handling more responsibilities – still at Crystallised, of course. 

For the business in the next six weeks, we’ll be busy with the end of the Missing Pieces exhibition and getting ready for Cheeseburn’s open weekends. In the next six months, we hope the team will expand, and we’ll have a brand new website born out of our upcoming branding days. In the next six years, I’d love to see us working on a more national and international level, looking at arts and culture opportunities in Europe. 

Hannah: The next 6 weeks are going to be an exciting time with Crystallised sixth birthday and a company rebrand planned. As for the more distant future, I want to continue working with a great team and interesting clients.