Get to Know Senior Account Manager, Hannah Moth

In the next instalment of our Get to Know the Team series, we sit down with our latest recruit, senior account manager Hannah. Hannah brings to the team a wealth of experience within the music, fashion and culture sectors and will manage several of CRYSTLSD’s accounts.

1.     Tell us about your experience before you joined CRYSTLSD

I worked largely in the music industry, managing PR for a wide range of artists: both major label and independent. I also have experience working for a fashion and culture magazine publisher, handling their PR, branding and events - covering everything from London Fashion Week parties through to tech product launches.

2.     What attracted you to CRYSTLSD?

CRYSTLSD are a bespoke arts and culture marketing agency based in the North-East, and as such are very much aligned with my interests. They have an incredible range of clients, are passionate about their work and are experts in their field. Upon meeting the company’s founder, Laura Rothwell, I knew I wanted to be involved.

3.     You chose to come back to the North East for your next career move, why was that?

Over the next decade I think it will become increasingly important to decentralise arts and culture in the UK, moving away from a London-centric viewpoint. I hope I can contribute to this movement and help to deliver great artistic programming throughout the North of England.

4.     Which area of marketing are you most passionate about?

A combination of strategy and creativity. While I love to plot out a campaign and get into the details, I also love to brainstorm exciting and fresh ways to deliver a message. Nobody wants cookie-cutter campaigns. I like to find unique ideas that are individual to each client and their needs.

5.     What are the key components of a successful digital (or just marketing) campaign? 

A product you believe in, a dedicated team, great communication, the right tools and timely organisation. When these key factors are in place so much can be achieved, regardless of what you are working on.

6.     What advice would you give to aspiring marketers?

Be as informed as possible. Read as much as you can and absorb as much information as you can - and not just relevant to your industry. You never know where your next great idea or source of inspiration will come from, or what nugget of information might impress your boss in a meeting. Be aware of emerging tech and trends, set up newsfeeds so you stay up to date on what’s happening culturally, and most essentially, form an opinion (but be open to change).

7.     What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

Talk to people. Get to know the people around you; be interested and interesting. Most importantly be nice to those in a junior position to you – today’s interns are tomorrow’s CEOs.