Women Making Waves: Kathryn Armstrong

In our Women Making Waves series, we aim to profile a whole host of amazing, inspirational women at the top of their game. This month, we speak to Kathryn Armstrong, who is editor of bi-monthly glossy, LUXE Magazine and editorial director of Durham-based publishing house, Remember Media. Read on for a rare insight into Kathryn’s journey from trainee journalist to one of the kindest top editors we know…

Kathryn Armstrong has always loved writing. From writing to the addresses on the back of cereal boxes to becoming a proud member of her local newspaper’s Chipper Club, Kathryn’s love of the written word began at a very young age. “I have a hilarious copy of a magazine I did at school called FAB 2N, 2N being the name of our class,” she laughs. “The cover picture was a felt-tip drawing, and the content included a fan club special.”

Kathryn’s journey as a writer has been a long and winding one. From being a crime reporter in South Shields, and “having dogs set on me,” to health reporting; working as features editor for the North East’s evening newspapers to holding the now-defunct title of women’s editor, she truly has seen it all. “My career has seen me go from a hot metal newspaper to seeing the arrival of computers in the newsroom, and to the arrival of the Internet.”

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Currently, Kathryn is editor of North East lifestyle glossy, LUXE Magazine and editorial director of publishing company, Remember Media, where she has been involved in the publishing of magazines for Fenwick, Rockcliffe Hall and Get Into Newcastle, among others. “I love the challenge of starting out with 100 blank pages and ending up with something that people want to read,” Kathryn smiles. “There’s the satisfying moment, before we send a magazine to print, when you scroll through the pages on the Mac and think, ‘hey, we did that’.” 

One of Kathryn’s greatest ‘hey we did that’ moments was the recent publishing of LUXE’s 50thissue. On the cover, of course, was (fiercely) fellow Northern actor, Kenny Doughty. “It’s a great achievement and I’m really proud of the magazine,” Kathryn beams, adding, “It has come a long way from that prototype felt-tip version!” 

What does she think is the secret to the magazine’s success, I wonder? “I think people [simply] enjoy reading it,” she offers. “Publishing is challenging, and times change, but the best thing someone can say is that they love sitting down with a glass of wine and their copy of the magazine.” 


Though challenging at times, I get the impression that Kathryn really loves what she does. It isn’t at all surprising that hearing other’s stories, meeting incredible people and writing up an interview is her “happy place.” Writing captured her heart, all those years ago, and editing and publishing is simply an extension of that. But, what does the future hold for arguably one of the most successful editors in the North East? “Thousands more pages, I hope!” Kathryn answers, before quipping, “Probably a stronger prescription on my specs; ideally a global luxury cruise blog, and that exclusive George Clooney interview.”

See, this is one of the things I love about Kathryn; despite being at the top of her game, she is still refreshingly down-to-earth. One of the first things I noticed about Kathryn, when I met her at an event for ARC Stockton, was her sense of humour, and I’m pleased to see she hasn’t lost the ability to laugh about herself. 


Right to the last word, Kathryn is humorous. When asked what writing and editing means to her, personally, she quips, “It means a scary amount of back copies in the loft!” But, immediately after, is that unquestionable sense of pride in her work: “[Writing and editing] is also a job that’s creative, which results in something to be proud of. Making a living doing something you love should never be underestimated.” 

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