One Week Deep

I’ve been with the lovely women of CRYSTLSD for a week now, and what a week it’s been. A meeting that started with rose gold devices and chocolate cupcakes and led onto a team lunch featuring pizza and prosecco sounds like a pretty ideal first day to me. It was down to business as of Tuesday, and I thought I’d share my first week highlights.

I’m already having far too much fun with the CRYSTLD social media and have become somewhat addicted to turning images that signature CRYSTLSD purple. I think that an obsession with purple is a pre-requisite for working here, but if you didn’t love it before, you will when you start! As our Instagram says, #purplefordays.

And what better week to start at CRYSTLSD than the week of International Women’s Day? It was great to see some of our clients, Shout-Up and Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland (RCTN), and their supporters embracing the day – and I just about swooned at this amazing CRYSTLSD graphic. This is the coolest I have ever looked!

B O S S.png

Speaking of RCTNs, I’ve somehow been roped into a glass walk on the 15th of May with my CRYSTLSD team mates – talk about a baptism of fire (or glass)! It’s part of their 40K for 40 campaign, and I’m honoured (if not slightly terrified) to help raise money for such a deserving cause.

The first project I was introduced to was the Family Arts Campaign (FAC) and their Fantastic for Families events, which encourage families to access the arts. Who better to learn about this project from than the FAC’s strategic lead Jenny Daly herself? I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenny and hearing all about her passion for the project and why she’s excited to be working with CRYSTLSD – the feeling is mutual, Jenny!

The interviews didn’t stop there, and my week was filled with interesting conversations with clowns, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the circus. Before last week I had no idea that “clowning” was a verb, but by the end of it I was using it myself! I loved speaking to clowns such as Elmo Panic and Bibbledy Bob, learning about how they got into the trade – for some it was a family business, for others their path into clowning was very much accidental. But however they got into it, the joy this profession has created for them is obvious.

From clowns… to beer? Our client Tyne Bank Brewery’s delicious Silver Dollar Beer is available at Miller and Carter and Village Inn restaurants around the North East, and together we’ve crafted (get it?) a competition to win £75 to spend in Miller and Carter when you take a selfie with Silver Dollar anywhere other than at the Brewery itself. Front cameras at the ready!

Silver Dollar - Tyne Bank Brewery.jpg

I’ve loved the breadth and variety of clients so far – from clowns to beer, it’s all in a week’s work.

First Week in Numbers.png