Get to Know Digital Marketing Manager, Lauren Watson

Here at CRYSTLSD, we love putting a friendly face to a name. Get to know our digital marketing manager, Lauren, who is responsible for looking after many clients’ social accounts. She creates and schedules content, as well as reporting on KPIs for social media. Lauren also works with bloggers and influencers to help promote clients’ work and events. Read on to learn more about Lauren’s role at CRYSTLSD, as well as her opinions on the digital media landscape…

1.    How have social media and digital media influenced marketing?

Digital marketing has made it much easier to directly engage with your target audience. Social media is a cost-effective form of promotion, and can be tailored to target your ideal audience, rather than relying on traditional mass marketing, such as TV adverts or flyers. 

2.    What is the effect of digital media on young people?

I think that digital media works well with young people because it feels more engaging to them than traditional forms of media; it can be more direct and, in particular, allows audiences to engage and communicate with companies in a way that’s not possible with traditional marketing. One aspect that I think is particularly great is user generated content, and how that can fit into companies’ digital strategies. 

3.    How might young people use digital media as a way to market themselves and/or their brand?

Digital media is a great way to share your own interests and opinions online, and to create a following or find a community of likeminded people. Where in the past influencers might have created a more elaborate persona online, audiences now seem more interested in people’s real lives and an authentic account. It builds relatability and trust, and people can connect with this much more. 

4.    Which social media platform is most impactful, in your opinion? Does it depend on the campaign, target audience etc?

I believe it does depend on the campaign and target audience – for instance, posts promoting events with links to tickets seem to work best on Facebook, whereas promoting content marketing, such as blog posts by influencers, seem to work better on Instagram. It can be trial and error and, when working with influencers, I would always recommend listening to them and taking their insight on board. 

5.    How are influencers impacting marketing? 

Influencer marketing is something I’m very passionate about – it’s a great way to connect with an already engaged audience. Influencers’ audiences trust their opinions, so are much more likely to engage with your brand if they discover it through their favourite influencer. It does go without saying, though, that the influencer should be genuinely interested in your brand, as readers can easily pick up on inauthenticity. 

6.    What is the most useful thing you have learnt during your time at CRYSTLSD?

At CRYSTLSD, we really believe in the power of your audience, and quality over quantity. While it’s tempting to use mass marketing to get your brand in front of as many people as possible, we believe that it’s better to have 10 people who are engaged with your brand, rather than 100 who are not.