Afternoon Tea at Tyneside Bar Café – With a Catch…

As far as work tasks go, this one has to be up there with my favourites. The day started, as most days do, with a check of emails here and a glance at Then, came the task of all tasks: Go to Tyneside Bar Café and enjoy an Afternoon Tea with Prosecco. The catch? Be filmed in the act. 

Now, I’m not usually one for being on camera, but complimentary tea and cake, you say? Sign me up! Which is how digital marketing manager Lauren Watson and I came to be sat at the window of the newly-refurbished Bar Café. Apparently, we fit the demographic of young-women-enjoying-afternoon-tea, much to the disdain of the Crystlsd directors. (Sorry guys). 


The afternoon began with a quick debrief from filmmaker, Alex Ayre, and the Tyneside’s digital marketing executive, Lauren Wilson, before the main affair was bestowed upon us. Being avid social media users, Lauren (Watson, not Wilson; it’s all very confusing) and I took one look at the glasses of prosecco, looked at each other and shouted: ‘Boomerang!’ I have to say, after the fifth Boomerang attempt, I was ready to sink that glass of prosecco quicker than you can say “cheers.”

It’s worth noting that, after all of the Boomerangs, hiding of scarves, pouring of tea and general faffing, I was yet to eat a morsel. It seems, getting the perfect shot was high on the agenda; scoffing sandwiches, however, was not. Which makes sense, of course, as this was technically ‘work.’ 

Once I got used to the man-with-the-camera, and to exaggerating my every move, I actually really enjoyed the Afternoon Tea. As anyone working from home will understand, it can start to feel as though you are confined to your home, if you aren’t careful. So, being able to A) have an excuse to leave the house, and B) enjoy a delectable afternoon tea (with, all-in-all, very minor disruptions) was an absolute win in my eyes. Sending virtual hugs to my boss as we speak…

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