Madeline in conversation with Jade

After arriving into Newcastle from New York, some 24 hours of travel and too many delays to even recall, I was finally with the UK team for some "getting-to-know-you-time." I met Jade (content creator) for the first time, and got to know her a little better

So, Jade, how did your career get started?

Well, way back when I was seventeen – fourteen years ago now -- I enrolled at Anglia Ruskin University to study Marine Biology. But shortly before term started I made a life-changing decision at Tesco's car park - my intuition knew that I was destined for great things. So, I packed my bags and moved London and became a waitress. After a year or two waitressing – its unsociable hours and unsuitable (if very fun) lifestyle -- began to wear a little thin. I just wanted a little more from life than what I was giving myself, and I could feel I was at a crossroads: stay in the job or take a leap. So I travelled to Morocco. During my time in there, I was acutely aware of being a blonde girl on my own, this inspired me to come up with an idea to develop a documentary about traveling, which caught the interest of a producer working at a production company within ITV, where I landed my first job as their Research and Production Assistant for a year. After that, I decided to go freelance, where, after a couple of low-budget short films, I found myself producing Grime Videos (before it went mainstream...when it was still grime-y). There certainly wasn't much money in grime at that time, and a girl’s gotta eat,  so -- with a stroke of luck and a persuasive email -- I went into advertising. During my time in advertising, I worked for Cadbury’s where our campaign won an award for the first live online pop-up shop. After that, I went on to work for brands, such as Burberry, Weetabix, Arsenal and a number of others, but still felt unsatisfied.

So, I left advertising and decided to use my production skills as a journalist, creating and producing content for  I the likes of British Fashion Council and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, it was around this time I started writing for other companies in art/fashion/film/music magazines. I now work predominantly as an arts journalist –which is a bit of a dream come true. I also do a lot of writing for feminist causes and work as a ghostwriter. To satisfy my more creative urges: I am working on my first novel, and have had several short stories and poems published.

How did your career with Crystlsd come about?

I started working for Crystlsd two years ago, originally via an online platform. Laura hired me to create content – including daily news updates, topical long reads and ‘guides to’ artists and artistic movements for an art website. Since then I have worked more and more for Crystlsd, for clients including the British Film Institute and The Time is Now (a platform celebrating women in film), reviewing films, writing short stories and interviewing female activists, writers and comedians on causes such as feminism and diversity. Since I also have experience at the video production end of journalism, I have work on video content for Crystlsd’s clients.

And, finally where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in a large Scottish castle, by a fire, with a glass of whiskey, writing my third novel surrounded by a harem of my beautiful children while helping Crystlsd take over the world 😊.