Jade in conversation with Nicole

My conversation with Nicole, the newest recruit at Crystlsd. From Newcastle to London and back again, Nicole bagged a first class degree in Fashion Journalism, has written for London College of Fashion, The London Word, Pigeons & Peacocks, 1883 Digital, and worked for The Times Magazine, Look Magazine, before freelance PR-ing for various arts clients and then finding her way to Crystlsd in 2017.

Nicole, how did your career get started? What's your story?

From a very young age, I used to write stories in notebooks and make-up characters and places from my imagination. I’d always wanted to be a writer or journalist of some description and, to my delight, I got a place at London College of Fashion to study Fashion Journalism.

While studying I got a lot of experience in writing, but also in PR and social media marketing, interning with the likes of The Sunday Times Style Magazine, The Times Magazine, Look Magazine as well as developing, curating and designing my own publication. What drew it all together I guess was storytelling and connecting with an audience. I also worked at Waitrose to you know, actually live, and I can honestly say the Waitrose staff discount was a delight.

After I graduated I stayed in London for a while but found that I missed home and the job market was incredibly competitive and slightly stressful, so I came back to Newcastle. Freelance PR work for a range of arts and culture clients, plus working for a charity that supports vulnerable people to live their lives, was occupying my time until I started with Crystlsd this year.

How do you fit into Crystlsd?

I knew Nicky (Crystlsd’s Director of PR) and she said to me, “It’s amazing! I think you’ll love it -- the clients are really great.” So, when the job for Communications Manager was advertised I went for it, and here I am! I love writing, and there’s plenty of opportunity for that in what we do, I think I bring a different perspective based on my experience in fashion. I’m also very interested in the way we communicate different things to different audiences. Telling a story that connects with people is the most important thing – figuring out how to do that each time is a challenge I enjoy.

And, the obligatory, where do you see yourself in five years?

To be honest, I have no idea! In London I was unhappy; but now being back up north by the sea, I’m back where I belong, doing a job I love, so I’m pretty happy right now.