Nicole Mullen introduces Madeline Familia

This week the whole Crystlsd team were in the same room together for the very first time!

Bringing our colleagues from New York and London to our Newcastle-upon-Tyne HQ gave us the perfect opportunity to do some 'getting to know you' interviews. Communications Manager Nicole Mullen interviewed Madeline Familia, our New York-based PR strategist.

Madeline, Tell me how you got started in PR…

I was born and raised in The Bronx, New York but my parents are from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. I started off studying for a Bachelors in Fashion Design at Florence University of the Arts, which I loved but didn’t feel able to make a good living out of, so I switched onto a Bachelors in Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

After finishing my degree, I interned in PR at both L’Oreal and Calvin Klein, before working as a PR Assistant at Calvin Klein. Whilst I loved PR, I hated the corporate environment in which I worked. I felt rather constrained - almost like I was being forced into working in ways that didn’t feel natural to me. 

It was for these reasons that I decided to start working for myself. I ultimately wanted to get the best out of myself as a creative, and to provide the best results for the people I work with. I started Creative Voices Public Relations in New York City to give a voice to people who aren’t sure how to make their voices heard to the masses in creative and unique ways.

Alongside Creative Voices, I work as a Public Relations Consultant at Crystlsd.

How do you fit into the team at Crystlsd?

I bring a different perspective to the team who are based in the UK. I’m especially good at helping clients to navigate the process of breaking into the Big Apple. I’d like to think I bring expertise and an alternative way of thinking. 

And, where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I see myself working on bigger campaigns. I see myself working on something notable that makes a difference. Maybe even kids, marriage and all that stuff… no pressure on my boyfriend...