Crisis PR


Whatever you do, don't panic...

Sometimes, no matter how invested, organised and committed you are, things go a little pear-shaped. It happens to the best of us; we get it. And we also hold firm to the belief that everything is figure-out-able. As part of the ongoing support we offer your organisation, we can be available around-the-clock to manage your reputation. First and foremost, we can devise a risk management strategy to prepare for the worst. And if, after all that, things still go a bit south? We can respond thoughtfully and always with your audience in mind.

Some of the ways we will protect your brand include:

  • Preparing for the worst; creating a risk management strategy that is signed off by your key decision makers and is reviewed regularly to account for changes within the business and the landscape of your industry
  • Taking responsibility; crafting pre-determined and approved messages of apology, press statements and social media responses
  • Offering a 24/7 press office service and/or PR spokesperson on hand if required

  • Prevention is better than a cure; that's why we also offer media training for all staff, best practice for use of social media and comms training for all front-line staff

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