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We are storytellers


People love stories 

Humans have told stories since the earliest days of existence. Stories are said to comfort, to connect, to even aid survival. In business, your story, the founding myth of your organisation or campaign is how people connect with you. Marketing and PR is all about creating the most compelling story and making sure the right audience engage with it. No matter what the medium or the objective, no matter the size of your organisation or the size of your budget, there are two things at the core of all marketing communications;  

One. Know your audience.

Two. Create a story they care about.

We know that every client, every project, every campaign, every budget and every person is different. It's one of the best things about the work we do! So, we treat every client differently. Though we do have a way of working which you can read about here.

How we work →


What do we do?

Creative communications for creative industries. 

Crystlsd is an independent marketing, PR and mentoring consultancy, we have many years of experience working with creatively minded organisations to create, develop or manage their marketing and PR. 


Who do we work with?

We are an arts and culture marketing and PR agency. We work with arts organisations, culture venues, film and cinema, music, arts and film festivals, charities, the hospitality sector, performance art, visual art, the dance industry, entertainment, art galleries, artists and creative industries. 

We've worked with a range of organisations over the years, but we know where our strengths lie and we know what we like!

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We work with...


We are...


Laura Rothwell 

Marketing Director and Founder

Laura has been in b2c marketing roles since 2002 and as expertise across the marketing mix, specifically in audience/customer acquisition, marketing strategy and digital marketing for the arts, film and culture sectors. 


Lauren Watson

Digital Marketing Manager

Lauren delivers all social media and digital outreach for clients across sectors, from arts and culture, to film and heritage, charity and entertainment. 


Nicky Harrison

Director of PR

Nicky has been in PR and communications roles since 1984 and has expertise in both large and small, local and international PR campaigns across the arts, charity, culture, entertainment, travel and hospitality sectors. 


Jade Angeles Fitton

Content Creation

Jade is a published writer for a range of titles including The Guardian, Vice, Huffington Post, Flux Magazine. Jade creates a range of content for clients such as, blog posts, short films, articles or opinion pieces.


Nicole Mullen

Communications Manager

Nicole has been in communications since 2012 after graduating from London College of Fashion. Nicole project manages marketing and communications campaigns for arts, culture and charity clients.


Madeline Familia

Public Relations Consultant 

Madeline has been in PR and communications roles since 2007, her expertise lies in creating narratives for brands to enhance awareness and sales, in the arts, beauty, fashion and health and wellness.